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Christopher Tun Andersen, 1. violin

Elisabeth Turmo, 2. violin

Einar Bauge / Damon Taheri, viola

Antonio Hallongren / Ingvild Sandnes / Christine Lee, violincello

Oda Voltersvik, piano

Pedro Lopez Campos, flute

This group of musicians have postgraduate degrees from outstanding universities (Julliard School in New York, Royal College of Music in London) with international careers individually. 

Venues include among others SPIRA culture house, the Grieg in Bergen International Series at several occasions, Kabuso Concert Hall and the “MiM7” series supported by the Lofoten International Chamber Music Festival. The ensemble has been awarded ensemble support twice  by the Norwegian Arts Council among others. 

Pianist Oda Voltersvik is the administrator and project leader of the Volt Ensemble (since 2015).



"The Volt Ensemble engage a wide range of audiences with their choice of repertoire, combining excellent technical skills with a beautiful musical sense.”  Professor Gabriele Baldocci (

"Konserten vart motteken med stor entusiasme frå både publikum og arrangørstad og gav oss alle ei framifrå musikalsk oppleving."  Kunsthuset Kabuso, Torunn Øvsthus

“Brahms piano quartet in c minor offers everything you can wish for; stormfull heights, deep emotional moments and demanding instrumental passages. The Volt Ensemble mastered this fully.”

“Grimstad Adressetidende”, Espen Sørensen (Grimstad newspaper on concert 24th of March 2019).


" Music in movement 7 "

a summary of the concert series in 40 min! 

LOFOTEN, 2019 

" MiM5 - Music in movement 5"

a summary of the concert tour in 20 min! 



From Beethoven Serenade Op.25 at Trevarefabrikken - Volt Ensemble
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From Cassadó cello suite at Reksten Collections - Antonio Hallongren
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