​​The CD "Firebird" reflects the unpredictable character of the magical glowing bird in Slavic folklore. The bird can be both a blessing and a curse to its captor. Each piece is rich in complexity with unexpected musical elements – contrasting innocence with danger, stillness with flight, weakness with power, and contemplation with drama.

Special thanks to Marios Papadopoulos, the sound engineers Toni Paris and Ian Watson, the Bergen City Council for the funding received and the KNS classical label & management for publishing.



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CD  "Khoreia"   ("Dance")  by Volt  & Potenza Duo


​Primo: Oda Voltersvik  Secondo: Giulio Potenza

Velut Luna Label, released April 2016

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* R. Schumann: Ball- Scenen Op.109: Preambule
* Philip Martin: `Electric Prisms` (CD commission, 2015)
* E. Grieg: Holberg Suite Op.40: Rigaudon


   VIDEOS & AUDIO recordings - REVIEWS, Review by Martin Anderson (February 2019)

“Hats off to Oda Voltersvik for such well-considered programme for her debut recording as a solo pianist: both familiar and unfamiliar names, and unfamiliar music from the familiar names, too – a pity that better-known musicians don’t manifest the same degree of imagination in their choice of repertoire. If Voltersvik’s selection was also intended to show off her technique, too, it has firmly ticked that box, too: she maintains clarity in the busiest of passages, and also knows how to project the warmth of the bass line without losing its focus – a sign that her feet are as intelligent as her fingers.”
“Guido Agosti’s transcription of three dances from The Firebird(...) I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that she uses this piece to bring the house down at her concerts – it’s a cliché to say that all Russian music evokes bells at some point, but Voltersvik really makes the rafters ring in the final Firebird dance.”
«A most auspicious start to a recording career that promises much for the future – and already delivers generously here.»


S. Prokofiev: Sonata no.2 in D minor, Op.14: II. Allegro marcato

Online Concert on TRUE ART TV

"Giulio Potenza and Oda Voltersvik have a great amalgam, the sound is always defined and mellow, and playing styles are well differentiated between the various periods. The finals are always very light, and the interpretative choices never predictable. There is a nice pearly touch and perfect phrasing of trills that feature in Bach."

Review of the CD `Khoreia` by the renowned Italian musical magazine "Corriere Musicale".

"...I felt cosseted and highly entertained in their hands, not only with playing of the surest unison and harmony, but with the palpable joy and fun of their music-making...I wish them every success"  

Review of the CD `Khoreia`, Des Hutchinson,, May 2017


“Oda Voltersvik played Prokofiev with energetic waves as well as treating mechanical figures with interesting sounds in contrast to sudden outbursting accents.”

Glenn Erik Haugland,`Bergens Tidende` (Bergen main newspaper) commenting my performance of Prokofiev 2nd piano Sonata Bergen, February 2009

Edvard Grieg: Tempest Clouds EG 110

Sibelius Impromptu no. 5 at Grieg Museum, Recital

Shostakovich Sonata in B minor, Op.61: III. Moderato

   Philip Martin "Flight" I.Gathering II.Murmuration

Bach Fantasia&Fugue in a minor BWV944

Bela Bartók: 3 Burlesques Op.8c (III.Finale)

Smetana Etude `On the Seashore` Op.17 

Chopin Concerto in E minor, Op. 11. Paderewski Hall, February 2014, Youth Polish- Norwegian Orchestra 

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