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Opening concert: A full celebration with french music and Argentinian tango rhythms, BEAU SOIR! Newly composed works by Solveig Sørheim to short films by Rolv Lyssand Bjørø; FANTASY!

Final concert: "Danzas": Music written in dance form with the price-winning duo Volt&Potenza duo! 

Exciting dances by Grieg, Dvorak and Brahms and passionate, rhythmical dances by Piazzolla, Rachmaninov and Martinu. 

Volt Classics

Concert series 

A new concert series held in Bergen city where classical music is in dialogue with other arts forms and genres in an intimate setting. Oda Voltersvik is project leader & artistic director.


The first edition is held in different venues in Grieghallen with support from the Norwegian Arts Council, Bergen Municipality, Creo and Bjørneseth Foundation.


27.08.21: Beau Soir & Fantasy

24.09.21: Clarinet Extravaganza

29.10.21: Evocations

26.11.21: American Sound

Postponed to 14.05.22: Danzas























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